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Get healthier and happier together!

I know this says “couples” challenge, but really you only need two people to compete. 
So if you cannot get your significant other on board ask a friend,
sibling, parent, co-worker, really anybody you feel you want
to take on in this fun little 28 day challenge!

As Mary Poppins so eloquently stated so many years ago:

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP – the job’s a game."

With that said, this challenge will be based on a point system and the "couple" with the most points at the end of the 28 days will win the GRAND PRIZE.


The more we can make your weight loss journey fun and interesting the more likely you will be to stick with it!! So take this challenge and grab your man, friend, sibling, parent, co-worker and have some fun!!


Challenge starts Monday January 20th


Each purchase covers 2 participants - Both participants MUST attend the same class times.

 For class schedule CLICK HERE


Everything Included in Your 28 Day Couples Challenge:


  • Unlimited Classes ($249 Value) 

  • 4-Weeks of Dietician-Approved Meal Plans ($149 Value)

  • 4 Weekly Print-n-Go Grocery Lists

  • Complete Client Success Manual ($50 Value)

  • 67 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Recipes ($60 value)

  • 28 Daily Motivational & Inspirational Emails (PRICELESS)

  • Dining Out Swap Guide

  • Before & After Measurements/Weight/Pictures

  • Complete Checklist for Success

Receive points everyday during the challenge just for showing up to classes and completing the workout. Other fun ways to receive points during the challenge will include water intake, at home workouts, goal sheets, and more! 

Challenge starts in...

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