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I met and started working out with Morgan a little over 2 years ago.  After having 3 children I had “let myself go” and had finally decided it was time to get healthy again. I had been an athlete my entire life but after (cough) almost 20 years I hadn’t stuck to a workout routine. I am a full time working Mom of 3 young children so I decided the 5am classes are my best option for my busy life. I walked in to my first class self conscious and nervous to start working out and lifting weights again. Morgan quickly changed that. She and the entire class welcomed me with open arms. I have NEVER felt judged, made fun of, or looked down on since that first day. KCMO Fitness is a part of my daily routine now and I can’t believe that I actually look forward to waking up at 4:30am. It has been a very long time since I have felt this strong. I know how corny this sounds but this gym is not a typical gym it is a family! We dance, we laugh, we motivate each other and we kick butt everyday TOGETHER! I have made forever friendships through this group and can’t wait to see what the future holds for “US”! 

-Kari Smith

I started my weight loss Journey with KCMO Fitness January 7th 2019 by joining a 6 week challenge.   I was scared, nervous and worried I wouldn’t finish what I started.  I needed to lose weight for myself and my health.  I learned how to eat right and how to believe in myself.  I was pushed to the max from Morgan and the squad.   I’ve done things I’ve never been able to do before.  I’ve tackled fears and I’ve won.  I became addicted to classes and craved them and wanted to go.  I looked forward to going every single day. 

Morgan is their for you 24/7.  Good days, bad days and all the days in-between.  The squad is the same, I have so many new friends who fight the same fight.  We tackle things together and together we win.  

What I signed up for was not what I got.  What I go was so much more than weight loss.  I got my life back, love me again.  Joining KCMO Fitness has been the best decision I’ve made for myself in a very long time.  I’m working on my goals and with KCMO Fitness I WILL hit them all.  

-Dione Sohn

I had been searching for several years to find a a trainer and gym that fit me, my needs and my schedule. I needed someone to show me how to exercise properly. I needed a group that was like me. I was looking for a place that was not a one size fits all. I found it all at KCMO Fitness. Morgan give guidance and motivation. She doesn't treat you like a number. The "squad" is a family. We are there for each other. We encourage each other, push each other and even "whine" together. I love this place and I am so glad I found KCMO Fitness.

-Sandey Farrow

KCMO Fitness was originally supposed to be a stepping stone for me. Start with a six week program and learn new moves. New recipes. Get my mind back in the game. When the first six weeks ended and I felt like I still wasn’t confident enough to do it on my own, I joined the next program. I was feeling a little stronger and was moving a little quicker. My body didn’t feel so “heavy” like literally weighed down. I mean obviously I was “lighter” because I was eating better and burning calories but I just felt lighter. Mentally. Emotionally. I had something else to focus on, rather than my every day daunting tasks. I had a goal. Whether it be small, or huge (mine were huge and I had to scale back a bit). But after the first two challenges were over, and then three. I could have stopped and did it on my own. I had learned new exercises and the correct way to do them. I could walk into a gym and not feel like a total poser not having a single clue what I was doing. But... I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop going. I couldn’t leave my squad, whom I had created real, genuine bonds with. I couldn’t leave my trainer, who I had grown to know and adore. I couldn’t physically imagine walking into a gym where I knew no one. Except maybe that one person from high school who you awkwardly try to avoid eye contact with so you don’t have to strick up that typical “OMG how are you” conversation that you know neither of you care to have. No, that’s not what I wanted. I wanted my team. I wanted the encouragement from my people. I wanted the 5am belly laughs that replaced Russian Twists. I wanted the random dancing with people who once shared the same low self esteem issues with me, but now just love being in a healthy environment. I wanted the friendly competitions. I wanted KCMO fitness. That was it! I am blessed. Beyond blessed, to have taken that giant leap of faith in trusting KCMO Fitness and Morgan to help guide and change me for the better! I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like today without having made that move at the beginning of 2019. This year was all about self love for me, and that, 100% started with KCMO Fitness. 

-Cassidee Sikes

I began working out with Morgan at KCMO Fitness a couple years ago.  I wanted to become stronger while also learning how my diet works along with training.  She has always been so encouraging and motivating. I have fallen off the wagon a couple times and I always go back to her knowing I feel so much better when I am working out and following her plans.  Never any judgement, and has always welcomed me right back in!  
She taught me so much about diet though her programs and meal plans.  I was having a hard time knowing what foods I should be eating and why.  She helped me understand how to fuel my body.  It truly makes all the difference! 
I also have come to love lifting and even sprinting again.  I have gained so much strength and muscle.   She motivates me to try harder, lift heavier, or do 1 more rep! 
The community she has built is so amazing and uplifting!  It feels like home when you walk through her gym doors!! 

-Hilary Ortiz

KCMO Fitness has been the boost I needed to get back on track with my health goals. I have a long way to go, but it's all about making progress every day and taking those baby steps. I'm much stronger than when I began this journey, and love all of the support I get from the squad. 

-Melissa E

Since joining KCMO Fitness in April, I have lost weight, body fat and gotten stronger.  I look forward to waking up at 4:15 am to see everyone in the morning!  I can’t say enough good things about Morgan and the Squad.  Everyone is so supportive of each other.  Every workout is different.  They are tough but we have a good time.  There is no judgment – no matter what you look like or what your fitness level is.  This is the best thing I have done for MYSELF!  I feel fantastic when I walk out the door.

-Stacy P

“Fitness is just one aspect of living a healthier life & Morgan has encouraged me to go beyond that. Her training is spot on for everyone - challenging, motivational, & unique. But Morgan takes it further. Her meal plans, at home workouts, personal check-ins, & the friendship she creates with you are what set you up for success. My experience with KCMO Fitness has taught me that it’s not about finding a quick fix, it’s about your long term success. Smashing your goals, challenging yourself, looking forward to the next class - who knew you could LOVE a 5 AM fitness class!” 

I really look forward to keep on keeping on with you! I’m glad I was able to come back for this second challenge & I’m anxious to see where my body goes! 

-Lauren Freed

At KCMO FITNESS it doesn't matter what you look like when you walk in, but how you feel when you walk out. We are a SQUAD regardless if this is your first time training with us or your 3rd year. 


If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, if you are wanting to become stronger mentally and physically, if you are ready to have more energy and feel amazing from the inside out

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